Client Testimonials


Gang H and Rain Z

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to my agent Wenyan and wenyan’s kind help in my recent transaction.

From the several weeks we spent together, I felt Wenyan’s warmth to a new customer. Base on my family status and my financial situation, she gave me and my wife a lot of suggestions about new house location, school district, local transportation, facilities, hospitals and libraries. What she had offered was totally beyond our expectation to a real estate agent.

Again, thanks so much for the help! I have no doubt that my experience would not have been such wonderful without Wenyan’s helping hands.”

Yun L and Ming Y

“Now looking at the recently purchased house in a family friendly community with excellent schools from elementary to senior high, and not less importantly, with a final price we still think too good to be true, it may be the time for some reflection, which is the least thing I can do to express my sincere appreciation for what Wenyan has done for us.

Wenyan earned our complete trust, and she did that through not only her demonstrated professionalism, which I will talk about later, but also her character. Yes, she was recommended by one of my best friends who knew me since elementary school. But I had names of other realtors as well referred by friends and colleagues whose judgments I would not depend a bit less. For the biggest purchase of my life time (unless I win a lottery), I have a lot at stake, and was naturally very sensitive to anyone who would push me toward buying a house not at the right time, right place, and right price as I perceive. I really want to be stress free with my realtor and vice versa. I got convinced that Wenyan is the realtor my family needs after several conversations with her both in person and over the phone. The reasons are as follows.

Wenyan is good at mastering the rhythm of working with us. When we first thought about buying a house in the great Seattle area, we were considering a place close to where I work, which is in Snohomish County. My wife was planning to go to work, which was a big uncertainty in the already complicated house hunting project. Then, she got a job. Shortly after that, we were expecting our second child. Before the baby was born we decided to rent a house in Seattle downtown for at least one year. That’s more than enough variables anyone would like to have in the decision process of buying a house. It is easy, if not inevitable, to get frustrated and discouraged for those involved. However, Wenyan got perfect understanding of those changes and wanted to help way beyond the boundary of real estate. She was always available when we need her opinions on the housing market and other related issues when buying a house was not our highest priority task. Our communication is as frank as between close friends, at least on the subject of house buying. We simply tell what we want from technical specification to timing to potential roadblocks. She tells us what to do, even including waiting. After staying in a dormant state for more than a year, we were reenergized, partly due to the dramatic rise of interest rate and the slow but unstoppable recovery of the economy, and became very serious about buying a house at the end of 2010. Wenyan immediately sensed our urgency and beefed up the process. When it comes to real estate business, Wenyan has more than a few magic wands to surprise her customers.

Wenyan is good at understanding people from us as her customer to the sellers to the sellers’ agents. When she noticed we spent too much time on various real estate websites, she suggested we go out in the field to touch the look and feel of real houses. That’s such an important lesson I learnt from the house buying experience that can also be applied to many other aspects of life too. When we found a good candidate of our dream house, Wenyan can quickly and correctly assess the situation after a few phone calls with the seller’s agent. We were amazed, especially when later her assessment turned to be true, and more importantly, we knew what to expect. That is only achievable when one has finished a good number of real estate transactions in this highly competitive area. When we found an idea house but didn’t believe we could get a great deal, Wenyan encouraged us to move forward and did all the hard work behind the scene to make miracle happen.

Wenyan put my family’s interest as her highest interests along the journey. She is working in the real estate business everyday and has much more information than we could possibly catch up via our own effort. If she wanted to take the advantage of the information asymmetry to close a house as quickly as possible and take the commission and move to the next customer, we would not be able to tell the difference, at least not in the short term. No, Wenyan’s success formula is to make her customer successful. She is very patient in educating us on any relevant subjects of real estate and also very subtle so that we never feel overwhelmed by the large amount of information.

Wenyan possess the same traits of all successful realtors. She works hard, works long hours, is flexible in schedule to bring convenience to her customers, is well organized, and pays close attention to details …… The list could go on and on. However, since that’s someone may also experience from other great realtors I would like to cut it short here after showing the unique characteristics of the joint venture with Wenyan.

One thing I know for sure. As long as Wenyan is still serving the great Seattle area and hasn’t jumped onto some other career wagon, I want her to be my realtor next time I need to buy and/or sell my house.”

Zhinan Z and Xu Z

“We recently bought our dream home with the great help from Wenyan. Working with Wenyan was a pleasure, and she has an in depth knowledge of the Seattle area market, is dedicated and responsive beyond the call of duty and above all puts her clients interests above all else.

We moved to Seattle area less than one year ago and we were first time home buyer, so we really need an agent who knows and is willing to share everything about housing market and local living very well. Before starting our house hunting, Wenyan went over all the things we needed to know for our first home. She listened, and she understood our position (we had a 3 year old and to my delight before showing us the house, she had all information about day care/school district), she asked us where my wife and I worked and highlighted us those areas where it will be easy for us to go to work and meet all our requirements. This detailed overview helps us to clear our vision on what we really want to look for. Later throughout the entire house hunting process Wenyan took us along the way and made us feel completely comfortable with the next step of homeownership.  She is very thorough, knowledgeable, professional, courteous, and really spends the time and attention. Most important, she never pushes you to make any purchase decision, instead, she always kindly reminds us to make our decision carefully. When we made an offer, Wenyan helped us a lot in negotiating price with the seller using variant approaches. After the offer is confirmed, Wenyan and her loan officer partnered an excellent team to help us find a loan and lock a good rate in this violent housing market. Wenyan is also a very detailed agent. After we closed the deal, she even started sending us professional moving box for FREE.

If you ever need an agent for finding your dream home, Wenyan is it!!!!”

Feng Z

“I’m 25, just got out of college 2 years ago, and am a complete novice at most things in life, let alone buying a home.  I would imagine that some agents probably would not have taken me seriously.  And perhaps a few others would have tried to take advantage of my lack of experience, and pressured me into buying a home I couldn’t actually afford.  This is why I’m so very grateful that I found Wenyan as my agent.

It only took 3.5 months between when Wenyan and I first started looking at condos and the date of my closing.  I don’t know how she does it, but she is really good at it.  The only dilemma I had was the fact that I liked most of the places she showed me, so it was hard to decide which one I wanted.  She patiently went over the pros and cons of each place with me several times; always only offering facts and never pushy with her own opinions.  She even indulged my whims and took me to see places we both knew I wasn’t going to buy, just so I can get an idea of certain features.

Wenyan really understands and cares about her clients, so she knew exactly how to make me feel comfortable about making such a big investment at such a young age.  When you speak with her, you always feel like she is there to support you and your decisions; never to pressure you into anything.  In fact, I ended up purchasing a home that was much cheaper than what I had initially planned because she knew my budget better than I did.  Now that I’m actually paying the bills, I’m just realizing how much I had overestimated what I could afford.  I’m so glad she urged me to go toward the lower end of my price range.  She even recommended a loan officer to me who locked a great rate with no fees.

During the entire purchasing process, I did not have to worry about a thing.  Now that I’m looking back, I still can’t believe I own my own home!  It feels like I should have sweated a little more or lost a little more sleep or spent a lot more money.  But I really didn’t, because Wenyan took care of everything and with my best interest in mind.  The bottom line is: if you want an agent who would rather take a lower commission than see you financially strapped, if you want an agent who does everything she can to take away the stress from buying a home, if you want an agent who treats you like a friend and not a client, go with Wenyan!”

Jiajing Z and Jianxin X

“Wenyan helped us bought our dream house this summer.  We are not first house buyers and understand that sometimes finding a dream house within the budget could be frustrating and exhausting.  However, Wenyan made the whole process a very smooth and joyful experience for us.

Wenyan’s service was indeed very professional.  As a former architect, she has the expertise to point us any issues that related to the structures, materials, and modeling of a house.  We learned a lot from her.  She also possesses excellent negotiation skill, which we benefited a lot from it as well.  Helped by her hard and skillful negotiation with the seller, we were able to buy the best house in the community with the lowest selling price at that time.  No need to mention the smooth closing process afterwards, Wenyan went through all the inspection, mortgage, documentation processes with us to make sure everything was good.

Besides the excellent professional service she provides, Wenyan is also a considerate and joyful person.  She always gave very prompt response to phone calls and emails.  And she kept us updated on the latest status of our offer even when it was late evening or weekend.

We are very pleased with Wenyan’s service.  We will happily refer her to people who are looking for a wonderful real estate agent.”

Yan Z and Yu M

“Wenyan provides very professional and excellent services. We were first time home buyers and had no idea about the process. Wenyan gave us a lot of professional suggestions. She always let us know the sale history, school information and the pros & cos of a house so that we could make our decision easily. She went though the whole process with us including loan application, title insurance, home insurance, home inspection etc till we got closing smoothly. She worked not only as a professional realtor but also more like a close friend to us and helped us get our sweet home finally. We would like to refer her to others.”

Yijing Q and Bruce S

“When we decided to buy a bigger house and then sell the old one, we only had about 5 months before we would be too busy with our second kid. Wenyan always managed to cope with our busy schedule, which enabled us to catch every chance in a tight supply market. She helped us prioritize our searching criteria, and gave useful advices on pros and cons for each home we looked at. We were impressed by her excellent negotiation skills, including but not limited, in the timing of the offer/counter offer, price tagging and bargaining, and repair list.

We are satisfied in Wenyan’s staging work, so are the buyers of our old home. They even considered to buy all the staging furniture and artwork. The style and accent is neutral, but elegant, which is perfect to attract prospective buyers. We are so grateful that Wenyan helped us fulfill our dream.”

Shirely L and Jian W

“I was a newcomer here in Seattle, after I moved from Boston to reunite with my hubby this past January, we started to look for a house with nice community. We both work and were crazy busy in the spring, luckily we found our dream house at the end of February, got it closed and all paperwork done late March and moved in at the end of April! That was way more efficient than we originally expected, for every single house we visited or were just merely interested with no time to visit, Wenyan would analyze pros and cons of the house including builders,matainance costs and potential resale value in the future, the community and school district, the traffic and etc., she gave us very honest and constructive professional advice. If you are looking for someone who is trustworthy, experienced and extremely professional to help you find your dream house, definitely go to WENYAN!!!”

Chao M and Peng L

“We had a great house purchasing experience with Wenyan and would highly recommend her. What makes Wenyan a great realtor is her sincere personality—she cares about her customers from the bottom of her heart, with complete sincerity. She is sweet, caring, cheerful, and at the same time extremely professional.
We started looking for houses with Wenyan every weekend in February. Wenyan always accommodated our schedule (showing houses on weekends since both of us work during the week) and locations. From February to May, we looked at about 80 houses but still couldn’t find the one that we would just fall in love with. Wenyan never rushed us and talked us into houses that we felt okay with. Instead, as we started to get frustrated, Wenyan tried to cool us down and made sure that we didn’t make irrational decisions. She encouraged us that not very many people can find the perfect house before getting to the frustrating point. She was right. We eventually found our dream house, and we were glad that Wenyan helped us make the right decision.

When putting offer down on a house, Wenyan researched past selling prices in the neighborhood and helped us determine an offer that would be fair to both seller and buyer. Her suggestions were always very professional, based on facts but not subjective thinking. She prepared all documents thoroughly and took as much time as we needed to help us understand all documents before we put our signatures down. Besides all the necessary documents, she also wrote a cover letter to the seller to express our sincere will of purchasing the property, and asked the seller’s agent if he/she would like to meet in person to discuss the transaction. During the whole closing process, she was always on top of things making sure everything was going as smoothly as it could be.

Wenyan is not just a realtor; she is also a housing expert whom you can learn a lot from. We were first-time home buyers. We knew nothing about houses prior to working with her. Every week when we were with her, we always learned new things whether it was related to the quality of the house or house maintenance. We never felt stupid when asking Wenyan a simple question. We knew she would explain anything to us as detailed as she could. The bottom line about Wenyan is: whenever you need help, she will be there.

To both Wenyan and us, the purchasing process was not just a transaction; it was a process of building trust and making friends. We are grateful that we chose Wenyan as our realtor.”

Sanjeev B

“Wenyan gets 6 stars out of 5 in my book. She is professional, patient and personal at the same time. Her service is consistently outstanding. She is completely dedicated to helping her clients – no matter how long it takes to find that one house. After nearly 6 months,numerous houses, 3 offers(including a short sale), I expected her to get a little tired. But she was as helpful and prompt as when we started looking. I would get a response from her within a few hours whatever hour I happened to mail her. Her level headed questions made me think about both the good and bad. She calmed me down if I got too excited about a house. She could have convinced me to close a deal quickly. Instead she made sure that I got the right house at the right price. Even though it meant more work for her. I’m really glad I had Wenyan find me house. I think I found a good friend in the process. She is so good that I was obligated to write this testimonial despite never having written a testimonial for anyone before!”

Qi L

“I will refer Wenyan to anyone who needs a good realtor because of her outstanding service. Wenyan helped us bought our 2nd pdoperty in 2007 and the 3rd one in 2008. She was very patient and never pushed us to make any decision.  On the contrary, she used her architecture knowledge to help us eliminating the house that did not fit our needs or might have potential problems. We have built good relationship during the process. Compared with our 1st time house purchasing, I could really feel that she cares about her clients more and understands their needs better.”